Welcome! This is me!

I’m very happy to have you here!!! This is my new website!!!

I like to think about myself as:

“Big Dream Surfer, Poet of the Unseen, Integral Transpersonal Actor, Transformational Entreprenuer,  madly in love mom and dog owner!”

I’m an Italian/Brazilian actress, director, producer, Transpersonal Counselor, writer,  founder of the Integral Transpersonal Theatre…

Crazy about life on stage and off stage, on set and off set!!

If you wanna know more about me, my workshops of Big Dream Surfing or my method Integral Transpersonal Acting – The Poetic of the Unseen , You are in the right place!!

Thank You for checking this out!


I believe that HONESTY+JOY+PASSION is the only way to get things done!

You already have everything you need to be an authentic creator in life and art,

I can help you recognizing these special tools within you and use them effectively!…to never ever wonder again whether or not you are on the right path!


Stay tuned! A lot of amazing content is coming soon!!